How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings By Almost 40% [Case Study Inclusive]


AdSense is a PPC Monetization program owned by the Giant Web Search engine, Google in which although there are lots of online PPC programs one could join, most online publishers prefer Google AdSense due to their reliable and transparent program.

However, it is one thing to get approved by AdSense and another thing entirely to earn with it. This is because being a PPC program if your audiences are neither interested in the ads being displayed nor clicking on it, there is no way you could generate revenue from it.

Hence; to ensure relevant ads are displayed to readers, some online publishers go as far as putting up to 7 Google ads on their site and still yet might attract little to no clicks at all. And the reason for this is because readers might find those ads annoying and disregard it.

But what if you get to learn from this post how to increase your AdSense earnings by almost 40%? Wouldn’t that be interesting?!

The truth is; even though AdSense earnings depend on the volume of your traffic, you can still be having a high volume of traffic and not generating enough if you did not implement the right strategy most especially on the placement of ads [which is placing the right ads at the right place on your site].

To cut the long story short; so what can you do to increase your AdSense earnings?


After testing different formats of the ads and at different places, I discovered the ad links format inside contents yield more clicks and also generates more revenue as at the time of publishing this article.

 Probably the reason is that the ad links format blends with the post body and also have eye-catching titles which there are high chances of the ads being of interest to the audience.


If you’re on WordPress, all you have to do is copy the ad links code and use the Insert ads Plugin to add the ads inside your content body. The plugin provides many options as to where you would like to place the ads which include the beginning of a post, middle of a post and at the end of the post.

 However if you’re on Blogger Platform, you would need to first parse the HTML ads code, then go to Theme >> Edit HTML and Ctrl+F to search for this code <data:post.body/> and paste the code directly above it to show the ads link at beginning of your post or below it to show ads at the end of the post. 

NOTE: You should backup your Theme before making these changes and if you had trouble doing that, it is best to allow a blog designer do that for you.

Did You Know?

This is exactly what a web developer did for a client by inserting the ad links into the post body which later leads to 40% increase in the client’s AdSense revenue.

So if you’re looking to increase your revenue, all you need to do is try out the ad links format in your post body [I recommend at least two inside post body- you decide how you deem it fit to use]

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