How To Mirror Samsung Galaxy Smartphone’s Screen On TV


If you own a Samsung Galaxy Device and want to connect it your TV or Lcd? You have come to the right place. Here’s how you can easily learn How to Mirror Samsung Galaxy Phone’s Screen on your TV.

We have covered this topic many times before on several devices. But Today you’ll get to know how you can connect any Samsung device to your TV. Those who own the latest Samsung flagships they won’t be needing the buy any third-party hardware.

If you want to know that what screen mirror is all about, Let me tell you in simple words. Basically screen mirror feature allows you to connect your device to your TV or SmartTV. Once connected, you can easily watch videos, pictures, use any app and you can play any game you want on the big screen.

Screen Mirroring Samsung TV:

Before we move on let tell which devices support Screen Mirroring. If your device doesn’t support screen mirroring, no need to get worried. You can buy a hardware and connect your device to TV.

Supported Devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to share the screen and data between your PC and mobile device:

  1. First, you need to download SideSync on your Windows or Mac, after that you need to download SideSync on your device. Android users can download SideSync from Google Play.
  2. Once you are through with the installation, now you need to connect your device to PC using USB Cable or WiFi Network. I would suggest you should use Data Cable if you want to transfer files if you want to share screen use WiFi option.
  3. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and connect your device using same WiFi network, if you don’t own a Smart TV then you need an external device to do so. [AllShare Cast hub].

How to screen mirror from Samsung Galaxy to a TV using AllShare Cast:

Before moving on let me tell you few things since we are connecting Samsung Galaxy to a TV that means you need few extra things to successfully Samsung Galaxy to a TV. As I said earlier that if you don’t own a SmartTV then you need to buy AllShare Cast Hub.

  1. Turn on your TV and AllShare Cast.
  2. Use an HDMI Cable to connect your TV to AllShare Cast.
  3. Once the connection is live you’ll see a blue light on your AllShare Cast device.
  4. Grab your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, head over to quick Settings->screen mirroring->Turn on.
  5. Once you’ve turned on screen mirroring you’ll get a list of available devices nearby you.
  6. Select AllShare Cast’s dongle and enter the PIN as shown on TV.
  7. This will be all, you have successfully connected your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to a TV.

How to screen mirror from Samsung Galaxy to a Samsung Smart TV:

When it comes to connecting Galaxy devices to Samsung smart TV you don’t to get anything party app or device. Just Follow the simple steps below.

  1. Press Input from your Samsung SmartTV remote.
  2. Select Screen Mirroring from your Smart Tv screen.
  3. Now go to your Galaxy Note 8 quick setting tap on Screen Mirroring.
  4. Your Phone will list all the available device available for Screen Mirroring.
  5. Select Samsung Smart TV. That’s all.

This is all for now, kindly drop your reviews and opinions in the comment box below.

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