Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Redstone) Coming on August 2


UPDATE (June 29, 2016): Microsoft has officially announced the release date of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It’ll be available for download on August 02, 2016.

Today i.e. March 30, 2016 at //Build 2016 in San Francisco, Microsoft announced about Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It’s a new Windows 10 build which will be released this summer for free to all Windows 10 customers.

If you are regularly following this blog or if you are using Windows 10 Insider Preview build in your computer, you might be aware about Windows 10 Redstone builds. All recently released Windows 10 testing builds have been released from new RedStone 1 (RS1) development branch. When Microsoft will release one of these Redstone builds to public, it’ll be labeled as “Anniversary Update” similar to Windows 10 November Update which was codenamed as Threshold 1. It was actually Windows 10 build 10586 which was initially released to Insiders via ThresHold 1 (TH1) development branch.

Just like Windows 10 November Update was also referred as Windows 10 version 1511, the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update might be referred as Windows 10 version 1607. Its not confirmed yet but if the Anniversary Update is released in July 2016, it’ll be obviously called Windows 10 version 1607 as 16 indicates year number (2016) and 07 indicates month number (July=7th month).

Its also not confirmed yet what will be the build number of Windows 10 Anniversary Update so we’ll have to wait for some time.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update will come with many UI changes and new features. Microsoft has announced details about some key features of Windows 10 Anniversary Update which are as following:

    Windows Hello Biometric Security Support for Apps and Microsoft Edge Web Browser:

    In Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you’ll be able to use Windows Hello’s sign in security features in modern (metro) apps including Microsoft Edge web browser. Windows Hello feature in Windows 10 allows you to sign into devices with enterprise-grade security.

    Windows Ink Integration:

    In Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you’ll be able to write on your Surface device as you do on paper, create sticky notes, draw on a whiteboard and easily share your analog thoughts in the digital world using new “Ink Center” feature. Windows Ink is integrated into apps like Maps, Microsoft Edge and Office.

    Cortana Improvements:
    In Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has improved the digital assistant “Cortana” to proactively make suggestions for you through-out your day, like offering to buy you lunch or arrange transportation. Cortana will be available above the Lock Screen, giving you quicker access to your personal assistant for common tasks across all types of devices without unlocking your PC. Cortana will work across your devices – you can complete certain notification-based tasks on your Windows or Android phone, such as receiving and sending text messages, on your PC.

    New Features for Xbox:

    In Windows 10 Anniversary Update, background music and Cortana comes to Xbox One. UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps will come to Xbox through a Unified Windows Store and every Xbox One will be able to become a developer kit with Xbox Dev Mode, enabling anyone to develop for the living room.

The new features list looks promising and exciting. There will be many more GUI changes and new features which will be revealed in upcoming Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.

You can check our exclusive Windows 10 changelog topic to stay tuned about the new Windows 10 Insider Preview builds and their changes:

If you are using Windows 10 in your computer and want to test Windows 10 Anniversary Update in advance, you can install Windows 10 Insider Preview build and enjoy new features and improvements.

Since Microsoft has labeled this build as Anniversary Update, chances are high that it may be released to public on July 29, 2016 because Windows 10 RTM build 10240 was released to public on same day i.e. July 29, 2015. So to celebrate Windows 10 release anniversary, Microsoft may release the Anniversary Update on same date this year. That’s why they are calling it Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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