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Comparing Apple iPad Air (2024) vs (2022)

Which iPad is better for you?

With two new display sizes and improved specifications, Apple’s new iPad Air is now available. This is how it compares to the earlier model.

With two different sizes, improved speed, and a redesigned appearance to help it stand out from the previous generation, Apple’s new iPad Air is now available. Apple’s iPad Air updates aren’t as revolutionary as those of the most recent iPad Pro series, but that’s understandable given that the new iPad Air appears to be the tablet of choice for the majority of users.

Nevertheless, there are good reasons to think about your options. In particular, Apple’s 2022 iPad Air from the previous generation is still available at a number of stores, and its cost will gradually decrease. You won’t hear Apple boasting about it, but it’s still a pretty capable smartphone.

Which iPad Air—the 2024 model or the little older 2022 model—is therefore the better choice for you? Let’s investigate.

Specifications Comparison

iPad Air (2024) iPad Air (2022)
Display 10.9-inch or 13-inch Liquid Retina IPS, 60Hz 10.9-inch Liquid Retina IPS, 2360 x 1640, 500 nits, 60Hz
Processor Apple M2 Apple M1
Storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB 64GB or 256GB
Cameras 12MP rear camera, 12MP webcam (landscape-oriented) 12MP rear camera, 12MP webcam (portrait-oriented)
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.0, optional 5G Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, optional 5G
Battery 10 hours of web browsing or video watching on W-Fi 10 hours of web browsing or video watching on Wi-Fi
Apple Pencil support Works with Apple Pencil Pro or Apple Pencil (USB-C) Works with Apple Pencil (2nd gen) or Apple Pencil (USB-C)
Colors Space Gray, Starlight, Purple, Blue Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, Blue
Price Starts at $599 (11-inch) and $799 (13-inch) Starts at $499

With the comparison we have done so far, we can recommend a purchase of the iPad Air (2024) if;

1. You need a bigger screen

Apple is now offering the iPad Air in two screen sizes for the first time ever. There is a much larger 13-inch size in addition to the standard 11-inch size, which is up 0.1 inches from the previous year. This implies that people who prefer the larger screen of the iPad Pro can now purchase one for less money, albeit with a less remarkable display.

In any case, it’s a major victory for those who only want an iPad for iPad functions. I can speak from personal experience when I say that using an 11-inch iPad for serious work can cause you to feel constrained far sooner than you might expect. For most individuals, having that extra screen real estate will be useful.

2. You desire increased storage and enhanced performance

Speaking of doing a lot with your iPad, if you find yourself using it frequently, you probably want more performance. The M2 chip, which takes the place of the M1 chip from the previous iPad Air, should provide you with that.

According to Apple, you’ll get up to 50% quicker graphics performance for video editing or gaming compared to the previous model. For people like me who are constantly looking for the best specs in our gadget purchases, this is a nice bonus.

The upgraded iPad Air comes with a lot of extra storage as well. Apple increased the minimum storage capacity to 128GB and the maximum capacity to 1TB. There were just two options available for the previous model: 64GB or 256GB.

3. You always use the iPad in landscape orientation

Reviewers and consumers have been calling for Apple to move the iPad’s front-facing camera for years. It just makes sense to relocate the tablet to the side bezel so it can face you directly because almost everyone uses it in landscape mode for most things these days.

With the release of the iPad Air, Apple has at last accomplished it. You’ll appear a lot better on FaceTime calls because the camera is now on the right side of the tablet rather than the top. Additionally, holding your iPad in landscape mode won’t cause you to smudge or block the camera.

Meanwhile, we recommend a purchase of the iPad Air (2022) if;

1. You wish to cut costs

Although Apple will no longer be selling the 2022 iPad Air directly, other stores will continue to sell it in order to make room for new inventory at a reduced cost.

If you’re determined to get an iPad Air above any other model, the decreased price of $100 that I’ve previously seen on the older model makes the tablet a good deal. (At $350, the tenth-generation iPad is an excellent value.) The older iPad Air model is the better option if you want one but don’t want to spend more than $800 on it.

2. A little older chip is OK for you

You won’t be losing out on anything with the old Air. An 11-inch Liquid Retina display, Touch ID, USB-C, and a battery life of up to 10 hours are still included. The processor—which comes with the older Air and was first introduced in 2020—is the sole significant drawback in terms of specifications.

Even with its advanced age, the processor performs admirably when handling routine chores and even more demanding workloads like photo processing. Although the chip will age much more quickly than the M2 in the new iPad Air, you’ll still have a few years before it starts to function less efficiently.

3. You have no desire to replace your Apple Pencil

Both the USB-C-equipped Apple Pencil and Apple’s new haptic-enabled Apple Pencil Pro are compatible with the new iPad Air. You won’t be able to upgrade to the new Air, which isn’t incompatible if you have the older, second-generation Apple Pencil, which most people find to be absolutely acceptable.

However, you won’t have to worry about spending an additional $130 on the current model because the older Air still functions well with the older attachment.


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