Get EyeNet VPN Handler For More Stability With Glo N0.0KB


Hello everyone, Glo N0.0 free browsing is still currently blazing hot now on the new EyeNet VPN handler, to get more stability and the most out of this cheat, use with the settings we have provided in this post, let’s not prolong matter and get on with it.

For those currently using and enjoying theirs, you will have to clear the cache of the app + data.

If you don’t have the app yet, click and download it from the link below;

[Download EyeNet Handler v5.1 APK Download]

Open the app, and configure as shown below

Tick remove port

Proxy type: Real Host

Proxy server:

Check and make sure the first letter R and G are on capital letter like you have seen, save and set your server to Japan and enjoy.

Courtesy of SundyLinks Media-Tech.

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