Download HD Youtube Videos Using GLO N0.0KB Trick


Some months ago, we posted about the Glo free browsing trick here >> Latest Working Settings For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Via UC Mini Handler which has been sustaining many Android smartphone users till date. It can be used to download but the settings to make it download YouTube videos wasn’t dropped, which will be dropped here in this article.

Feeling the speed of Glo in a good network coverage area makes the user enjoy the unlimited data as if he or she is on top of the world. The data is unlimited and has no limit i.e is not capped.

In this tutorial, you will be acquainted on how to download YouTube videos with the Glo Unlimited Free Browsing from your Android phone.


  • An Android phone.
  • Glo SIM card without air time.
  • UC Mini Handler app here >>>>>>[Download it here]


  • Firstly, set up your UC Mini Handler app with Glo settings and save.
  • After that, visit and search for the video you want to download and click on it.
  • After you have clicked on the video, scroll down a bit and you will see two links for “Watch Video” and “Share Video“.

Kindly hold the “Share Video” link and many options will pop out, tap on Page Info and click on Copy.


  • Now visit in a new tab, scroll down and input in the box space and click on GO.
  • In the next page, paste the YouTube URL you copied earlier in the box provided and finally click on “Download MP4“.

Your video will be downloaded successfully depending on the file format you select.
You can download mp4 format using the tutorial above which is in HD and very clear.

Please share with everyone one!

If you encounter any problem on the way, feel free to drop them as it will be attended to.

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