How To Successfully Purchase or Sell Google AdSense Account


The rate of AdSense scam by bloggers or people in Nigeria is getting high, however disturbing the blogosphere. I have read many post on blogs and forums about people being scammed of AdSense account. Last year, I read a post on how a person was scammed of NGN40,000 for a Nigeria AdSense Account and how some hidden guys are selling hosted account to newbies thinking it is non hosted.

My main motive of writing this post is to stop AdSense scamming and teach how to buy or sell AdSense account online successfully without been scammed and I will also recommend a trusted seller and buyer of AdSense.


1. Buyers, to avoid being scammed if you want to purchase or buy a google AdSense account from a seller, you must have known the seller very well and maybe ask how many clients he has sold AdSense to with proof.

2. You should get a middle man who will hold your payment and will send it to the seller once you (buyer) have gotten full access to the AdSense account as the owner.

3. You must make sure the AdSense type is what you really need. Don’t buy hosted when you want non-hosted. (This kind of scam is very common) To check if an Adsense is hosted or non-hosted, once you are added as a user to the AdSense, click your profile at the right top of the AdSense account. If it is hosted, you will see the label there that says ‘hosted account’. If non hosted, you won’t see anything there. 

4. Make sure you check the AdSense country if you are a newbie. To check Adsense country, in the left menu if the AdSense account, click “Settings” >> “Account” >> “Account Information”. Here, you will the only the state, time zone, and publisher id. The state determines where the AdSense was approved. To check the AdSense country it self-go to payment, and in the page that opens, click manage payment and the next page will display the country for the AdSense account.


Sellers, to avoid been scammed you must, first of all, and the buyer as a user and not an admin in the Adsense account. If you add the buyer as admin when he or she has not paid you, he or she can hijack the AdSense from you easily. So buyers are careful.

You must have a middle when it has come to payment within you and your buyer. Your buyer might not trust you, therefore, you have to get a popular and trusted middle man. 


If these tips are well taken by both parties, the buyer won’t be able to scam seller and vice versa. Also, if you are a new to Adsense, you must take note of tips because the newbie is the ones that get scammed easily. As for the middle man, if you are finding it difficult to get a trusted middle man, I can recommend a trusted person for you and I will make sure I bear all risk.

Share with us your experience.

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