REALEASED: All You Need To Know About the Latest iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak h3lix


The name h3lix is the latest iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak that was demonstrated via a teaser thanks to developers tihmstar and siguza, and other great news is that it is known to be compatible with 32-bit devices. iPhone 5s was the first phone to feature a 64-bit processor so any iPhone or iPad that was released before the iPhone 5s will be compatible with this jailbreak.

h3lix is also the first public jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 and if you’re close and well-informed with the jailbreaking community, you would have noticed that there has been a lot of activity that is going on in the universe surrounding jailbreaks. Apple’s iOS 11 update is only compatible with devices that are running 64-bit processors. This is going to be bad news for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c owners because you will only be able to run firmware up to iOS 10.3.3, essentially making those devices jailbroken for as long as you have the device in possession.

It seems very unlikely that Apple will be releasing a new version of iOS to patch any security issues. If you have yet to upgrade anything beyond the iPhone 5 and/or iPhone 5c, this is going to be a welcome installation for you. If not, then you can always grab a brand new iPhone that features a 64-bit processor and enjoys the latest the software update world has to offer.

If you want to start downloading and installing the iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak h3lix, you can click on the source link below to begin. There are also instructions given at the bottom that you should follow in order to make this process feel like a piece of cake.


Get the IPA.

Take a shower.

Prepare offerings.

Provide your Apple ID, Mother’s Maiden Name, and SSN.

Do some stuff with Cydia Impactor.

Presse the only button in the app.

Wait until it’s done.


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