Android Tablet – Gifts For 2012


Android tablet fanatics have had a good time last year. Different brands and models have been made available in the gadget market with a lot of features and applications to match everyone's needs. These tablets have also evolved in terms of design and have become slimmer and much lighter in weight. Because it is more portable now, one can carry it around with him wherever and whenever. It can be bought and used for work, for studies, for travel purposes and who should forget, for the popular social networking sites. This year 2012, more and more surprises relative to these tablets will be coming our way. There will be a significant improvement not only on the way these tablets look but also on software, features and even battery life. More colors and styles will also be coming out so it is best to get ready to make your pick when they are made available in the market. Excited yet? Here are a few starters.

As the year opens, Intel will make giant waves in the sea of ​​tablets. They will be coming out with units of their own with superior prototype. Collaborating with Honeycomb and Google, these units are being anticipated to be the most powerful tablets yet in terms of technical features. Processing would be a lot faster and the memory is also improved for the Android tablet to be able to hold more applications useful to the owner. Besides this, the tablets that Intel will be coming out would also have better designs. It would be modern and chic to fit the tastes of the discriminating gadget users of the world. Checking on different online sites and social networking would also be more fun with these tablets because of top of the line streaming settings that will be included in the package. Besides Intel, there is also a rumor that Motorola will be coming out with their versions of Android Tablets too that will boast of the best screen display possible. You simply have to watch out for these along with all others that will be produced by the leading technology companies from all over the world.

Beside the Android tablet units that are expected to come out really soon, another surprise would be the increase in free tablet shipments. With this you can now order your very own unit straight from the manufacturer and you would not be required to shoulder the shipment fee. This guarantees the quality of the tablet that will be delivered to you because manufacturers have their regular quality check on going all the time. Also a surprise would be a wider range of applications that you can download for free for your tablets. We all know there are a lot already but the apps that are to come out soon will be more useful to you. They are also designed not to take so much of the storage space of your tablets so even your entertainment needs would be covered.

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