Android Tablet Price – Dell Streak Tablet Price and Review


Dell Streak Tablet Price: $549.

The Dell Streak has ultimately arrived in the real world, after months of questions and a several false starts. It’s commercially the first Android tablet coming from a big desktop maker, but it’s truly a lot more like an Android smart phone than a competition to the Apple iPad. Find out the pluses and minuses of the Streak and whether or not TechRepublic might recommend it or not.

  1. Solid hardware – The Streak is slim as well as light, however it also seems considerable adequate to make an impression on. There’s nothing at all cheap or perhaps flimsy about this. Positioning it in two hands and flipping through menus and Web sites, typing emails, reading through documents, and watching movies all feel surprisingly natural. In terms of the processor, screen, memory, camera, and other hardware specifications, the Streak complies with the minimal requirements we’d expect, however it doesn’t surpass anything that you’ll come across on the top Google android smart phones available in the market.
  2. Expanded on-screen keyboard – The smartest Google android UI supplement that Dell has built to the Streak is the personalized on-screen keyboard that’s been extended from the common 30-35 keys to a 49-key design (in landscape mode) that also includes a number pad plus uses advantage of the additional space afforded by the 5-inch display screen. It’s not quite as specific as the HTC EVO’s on-screen keyboard (which just employs its additional space for bigger keys) though the number pad on the Streak is extremely helpful and makes this a strong data entry system.
  3. Android ecosystem – The reason people have been waiting for an Android tablet to take on the iPad is because the Android ecosystem is everything that the Apple ecosystem isn’t – open, custom-made, plus free for tinkerers to experiment on. It’s just too bad that the Streak shipped with an out-of-date version of the OPERATING SYSTEM.
  4. Inconsistent performance – For a device performing a 1 GHz Snapdragon, the Streak feels slow at times. It’s not that it’s regularly slow. Some tasks are quick and faster than the HTC EVO or Nexus One, but then navigating some menus and starting some applications will take much longer to load than they should, and longer than other similar Android devices.
  5. Overpriced – At $300 (with a 2-year wireless contract), the Streak is $100 higher priced than devices such as the EVO, the Droid X, as well as Samsung Galaxy S, nonetheless it’s exclusively advantage over those devices is a bigger screen. When you factor in that it’s less portable than any of those devices, runs an older OS, and doesn’t have access to many of the most recent applications, it’s difficult to make a case for the Streak.

Bottom line:

The Dell Streak Tablet has an outdated operating system, an expensive price tag and runs on an efficient processor but is slow. If you wish to choose between the Dell Streak and a smart phone our advice is that you prefer a smart phone over the Streak.

Source by Andy Morie

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