T-Mobile G1 Phone Review


The new T-Mobile G1 Phone is an exciting new product that has consumers, cell-phone enthusiasts, and tech geeks everywhere buzzing. The purpose of this article is to educate and inform consumers on the reactions and experiences people have had with the phone so far. The new phone, also known as the HTC Dream Phone or Google Phone, uses Google's open source platform known as Android. Android is an open source platform that allows for independent programmers to create their own applications which makes the uses and user experience for the G1 phone literally limitless.

Users of Google's services such as Google chat (gchat) and Google mail (gmail) will be pleased to know that the T-Mobile G1 phone comes equipped with the Google applications gchat, gmail, Google maps with streetview, Google calendar, and many of the other Google applications that their users have come to know, use frequently, and depend on.

Other features that users have commented on the new phone include a full QWERTY keyboard, a loud, clear sounding speaker phone, and a built in camera that has better clarity and resolution than the iPhone. These exciting new features allows for consumers to take pictures and upload them instantly to their online photo albums, MySpace page, or Facebook.

The Google Maps Streetview application on the T-Mobile G1 is very helpful when you are out and about and want to make plans on the fly. The built in GPS allows Google maps to pinpoint your destination as well inform you of what types of establishments are around you. This includes restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, and friends. Imagine being able to go to a city or town where you have never been before and know where everything is located around you in just a matter of moments. With the G1 phone from T-Mobile this is all possible according to the consumers. With all the strides that have occurred in the past few years in handheld devices, this phone is certainly the latest. Personally, I think I will wait another year before I get one of these "smart phones."

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