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10 Online Jobs You Can Do From Home

Many of us grew up with the dogma of growing up, studying, and getting a formal job. Working from 9 AM to 5 PM and receiving a fixed salary in return. If not, invest money in a business and then hire people to work from 9 AM to 5 PM with you. Today, there are many online jobs you can do from home and earn money.

To show you that there is no shortage of remote work options that you can do to generate extra income or even have your own career without leaving home, we will flood you with suggestions.

There will be no shortage of options that will suit almost any type of skill. At the end of the article, you will understand how any knowledge can be used to learn how to work from home via online jobs and make money.

So stay with us for the next few stretches and start writing down in your notes app which of our suggestions are possibilities for you!

1. Create an online store

You no longer need to rent a physical building to have your own store. Hiring a hosting service is considerably cheaper and easier. With a virtual store, you can work from home and earn money relatively quickly.

Like any physical or virtual business, it depends on your strategy and how much you invest in advertising. On the other hand, even without a lot of money, you can start promoting your store to relatives and acquaintances, in addition to investing in organic content.

Then when the first sales start to arrive, you can invest that revenue in paid ads to increase reach and expand your sales. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to be a web designer to create your online store. There are several platforms that facilitate creation.

One of them is Zyro. Specializing in helping entrepreneurs set up online stores, it has all the tools to build yours. Not only that, but it has a collection of images and elements to personalize your store. Just drag and drop these elements to do this.

2. Create videos for social networks

For some time now, images are not the only type of social media posts. The videos, in fact, have surpassed them for some time. If you plan to work helping companies sell more on social media, it is also important to learn how to create videos for these media.

In fact, nothing prevents you from learning to create both images and videos. In fact, it will give you more opportunities and learn faster how to work from home and make money.

In addition, there are also apps that allow you to create videos easily. You won’t even need to record videos, as it contains a collection of content for free use. That is, just put them in and include the details of your customers to have a post ready in minutes.

One of them is It has ready-made templates for several social networks and formats, including Stories. As we said above, just customize it with the message you want to send and your client’s identity.

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3. Produce content on TikTok

One of the fastest-growing social media in recent years, TikTok has a series of policies to compensate novice content producers who dedicate themselves to the platform.

If you already use the app and interact there, it may be interesting to bring people to follow the videos you make on this network. Focused on short and authentic content, there is no shortage of funny videos and dubbing of interesting famous songs there.

By producing content frequently and inviting people to register on the app, TikTok rewards you financially. In addition, if you can cultivate a good following or even become famous on TikTok, you may well receive company offers to produce content about the products they sell.

Want to work from home and earn money at TikTok? Stim can help you with that. By automating interactions, you can give your profile access to it by defining specific hashtags for it to interact with. In doing so, it will distribute likes and follow authors of posts that have these hashtags.

When this happens, you can be noticed by these users and be followed back, increasing your base. Best of all, Stim allows you to take a FREE trial for 5 days. Just click on the link and register!

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4. Sell through affiliation

We mentioned affiliate marketing several times throughout this article, but we didn’t explain it very well. Affiliate marketing is a practice used by most content producers. It is one of the highly growing online jobs we have today.

It consists of producing content indicating products on platforms such as blogs, YouTube, and social media. In these contents, links to these products are inserted. Whenever someone clicks on it and makes the purchase, you receive a commission for the sale.

These commissions tend to vary depending on the product you are selling. They are always a percentage of the product’s own purchase value. For example, if someone clicks on a link and purchases a $ 100 product, with a 15% commission, your website or channel will receive $ 15 as a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize online businesses in the content area. In fact, it is one of the most suitable ways for those who are learning how to work from home and earn money.

5. Work with online services

If you are not creative to work with some of the suggestions above, but still want to learn how to work from home and earn money, one of the most sought-after vacancies is in online service. In it, you can either answer customer questions by the email system, online chat, or even help make sales through WhatsApp.

Similar to what we see in conventional care, you will have to assume a shift for certain hours. They will be available to answer customer questions and help close sales. Most of these vacancies do not require experience, requiring only that you have your own computer and internet access.

6. Create a blog

Social networks are not the only places where you can make money from your content. Even with different ways of producing content, blogs remain a solid bet for anyone who wants to earn money on their own on the internet.

The logic for creating a blog that makes money is similar to that of social media: define well what niche you want to reach – blogs that talk about everything, unfortunately, are not indicated -, and create a content strategy to attract visitors and be consistent, posting as much as you can.

You can learn how to work from home and make money by creating blogs. Properly done, you can even provide online jobs for others through copywriting. In it, you can indicate products and receive a commission for them. Another way to generate income from your blog is by selling sponsored posts, in which a company pays you to create an article about it.

However, it is interesting to remember that it takes a long time to work without pay to start generating income working from home. Still, a blog is an excellent alternative to receive money in the long run without making so much effort.

7. Create and sell ebooks on Amazon

An alternative for those who like to write, but do not feel comfortable creating a blog, is to write an ebook. Easier than publishing a physical book, the book can be published online without having to hire a publisher.

Amazon itself allows you, as a writer, to sell your books in digital format on your network. You can even enroll your book on Kindle Unlimited if you choose to sell your eBook exclusively on the platform.

8. Work as a freelance copywriter

The quickest way to learn how to work from home and make money from writing is to become a freelance copywriter. Instead of having your own blog, you can help other entrepreneurs keep their blogs active with content.

Working as a freelance copywriter is the best way to start, but in addition to writing skills, it is interesting to study search engine optimization (known as SEO). With these two skills, you can now search for blogs to offer your services or register for freelance work platforms.

9. Become a virtual assistant

Part online attendant, part social media manager, part traffic manager, and part traditional assistant, the virtual assistant is usually a generalist profession. Ideal for small entrepreneurs who cannot yet invest in specialists in each of these areas.

The virtual assistant has the same purpose as an administrative assistant: to keep the office running. But in the case of the virtual, this office is not a physical place, but a digital work environment.

This means that the virtual assistant can manage social media by scheduling publications and responding to comments and messages. It also takes care of scheduling and makes calls via WhatsApp, for example.

Some virtual assistants also manage paid advertisements, but it is not necessary to know all areas to work. It is interesting to learn some fundamentals of online service, to know how to use management tools, and to have basic knowledge of digital marketing.

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10. Create a YouTube channel

Like a blog, creating a YouTube channel can be an excellent tool for generating extra income on the internet in the long run. The only difference between the two is the content distributed.

After all, you will also need to learn about SEO strategies and have a consistent production routine. On the other hand, there are several ways to make money on YouTube. Among them, qualify to receive ads on videos, publish sponsored content or sell products through affiliate links.


Regardless of your choice, it is necessary to understand that working from home and making money requires organization. So it is interesting to have a system in which you can organize your processes and, most importantly, your customer’s data.

For that, we recommend PipeDrive, an ideal CRM application for those who are opening a small business. It allows you to record any communications you have with a customer, automate tasks such as sending promotions and offers, and generate sales or productivity reports.

Best of all, you can try PipeDrive for 30 days for FREE. To do this, just click on the link and register!

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