5 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Better For SEO


The word “Blog” is very familiar to us. It is trending in our community. It is a way to let the world know about different aspects of life, about different communities, the way to interact different people. It is just like another social platform to communicate nowadays. The word “blog” was discovered in the year 1997. At the same time, the word “SEO” was known. Hence “SEO” and “blog” was born and grew together.

Performing basic optimization of the blog can benefit in the field of blogging. Here are Five Ways to optimize blog better for SEO are-

Utilize keywords

Keywords are very important for SEO and for blogs to gather the attention of the readers. Target relevant or valuable keywords and place them where readers have great impact and search engine crawls. Include keywords in the title, headings, sub-headings, introduction part, concluding part and in anchoring text. The longer keyword phrase ranks first when people search. But make sure overuse of keyword will spoil the article.

On-site elements

Meta descriptions and image is another way to optimize a blog. Add Meta descriptions, tags and images as well according to the paragraph or content as this make a good visual display for readers and attract readers to read too. External links and sites are added in the content as this increase the credibility and positive impact of the site. There are many SEO Services in India to enhance the blog with help of tags, links and Meta description.

Server hosting

Speed is the essence of the blog and is very important. People want results and work within seconds and instantly. Readers hate slow loading pages and they don’t want wait. In order to make your site work fast, it’s better to have the best hosting server for hosting your site. There are many SEO Services and SEO Company in India that provides server hosting for blogs. Though it is expensive but sharing server with the third party will slow down the loading of a page.

Search engine

Proper keywords and phrase will help in the search engine and helps in ranking too. There are many sites owners for search engine algorithm. In India, there several SEO Companies and services help the clients or bloggers to have better blog sites and aims to provide better services. SEO Company also helps in building a brand and attracts numerous visitors by SEO Plugins. The marketing campaign also helps to generate more readers and visitors. Thousand of money is spent on off-site and this resulted as wastage of time. Overuse of keywords, links, and other SEO techniques have been banned. It’s better to follow Google and its rule for better search engines.


The duplicity of content is a big no. SEO does not allow creating duplicate or copying content as it is a violation of the rule. But SEO allows creating or adding of reference links for better understanding for the readers. There are many SEO Companies in India that keep tracks of duplicating of content. The SEO Services and its tools are made in such a way that helps to detect whether the content is original or not. To confirm whether the content is original, one use Copyscape and other related sites.


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