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At SundyLinks Media, we help advertisers promote their business be it online or/and offline. We engage in start-seminars training and much more to our targeted blog subscribers and reader, we can assure you the best quality service and value for your money.

If you’re interested in placing an advert, ad placement is billed on a monthly basis per ad space, depending on the size and contents of your ad banner.

Banner Ads Placement on Tech Empire Nigeria

125 x 125 ad banner =   N10,199 ($25) per month
120 x 240 ad banner   =  N15,499 ($40) per month
300 x 250 ad banner = N33,999 ($80) per month
728 x 90 ad banner   = N40,999 ($100) per month
120 x 600 ad banner =  N61,499 ($150) per month
Contact us for full information on Text Ads
All ads banner display on all post pages on the blog, except 728 x 90 ad banner which displays only on the homepage and if you choose the 728 x 90 ad banner, you will get a 300 x 250 version of the banner displayed for FREE on our mobile view of the blog.

Our ads run for a minimum of 2 weeks or a few days if you can’t afford a month’s price.
We will also promote you on our blog as a new sponsor and via our other platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn. etc.

Place an advert with us today and boost your business. Tell us what you want and let’s do the job for you.

For more inquiries, please email;


Make use of our Contact page
We also help you host the banner and create it from scratch if you cannot create by yourself for a reasonable and affordable price. Should you also be interested in a paid review for your product, service or business please do contact us. We will give you satisfactory service.

NOTE: The advert rates increase as time goes by………so place your ad today and see the value for your money!


SundyLinks Media Team

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