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How to Subscribe to GOtv, DStv, and Startimes

Could it be said that you are prepared to plunge into the universe of computerized satellite television and open a mother lode of diversion, sports, and news? Provided that this is true, you’ve come to the perfect location!

In this article, we’ll take you on an excursion to find out how to subscribe to three of the most well-known television administrations: GOtv, DStv, and Startimes.

Whether you’re a carefully prepared watcher or new to the universe of satellite television, we take care of you with simple-to-follow moves toward kicking you off on your survey experience. Thus, snatch your remote, sink into your number one spot on the sofa, and we should leave on this interesting excursion together!

We should get everything rolling;

How to Subscribe to GOtv 

  • Using MyGOtv App

Log in to the GOtv app. Select your GOtv package which includes Gotv Jolli which many subscribe to, plus Gotv Jinja, Max, supa, etc. These packages have different prices. Just choose the one you want and then make your payment.

  • Using USSD Code

This method is used in case you are not using an Android, Apple, or iOS device. For a quick subscription route for GOtv, just dial *288# on your call keypad, then send.

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  • Through a Customer Care Representative:

To subscribe to GOtv, you can contact your customer care representative by dialing 634 which is the toll-free number. Send your IUC number and he will subscribe for you.

  • Using Bank App

If you are using a bank App, check your menu; GOtv subscription service is also available on bank apps regardless of the bank name. You will get it at utility bills, choose your package, and pay using your IUC number.

  • Through QuickTeller

GOtv customers can also subscribe to their television by using the QuickTeller web link. Just log in to www.quickteller.com/got. Choose your preferred GOtv package, supply your decoder information, and pay.

How to Subscribe to DStv

  • Using USSD Code

To subscribe to DStv, you can use the USSD code by dialing *389*9*smartcard number# on your phone. Select DStv from the menu that will appear on your screen. Then, select your preferred package such as DStv Padi, Yanga, confam, including DStv Compact, which attracts people’s subscriptions. After, you can make your payments.

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  • Online

To subscribe to any DStv, you can do it online. Just log in to the DStv website. Sign up. On the menu bar, Press the Pay link and Pay Now button. Then enter the requested personal details. Select your preferred package and make payments with any payment method you like from the option.

  • Using DStv App

Log in to the DStv app. Select your DStv package. And then make your payment.

  • Using ATM

Just visit an ATM stand, Insert your ATM card, and enter your 4-digit PIN. Choose Pay Bills from the options. Choose your account type, and the option “DStv” will show on the screen. Choose your DStv bouquet, insert your Smart card number, and press on Accept.

How to Subscribe StarTimes

  • Online

Log in to the StarTimes website, and sign up. On the menu bar, select your best out of the StarTimes packages, insert requested personal details, and make payments with any payment method of your choice.

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  • Using USSD code

To subscribe to StarTimes, dial *322*1*subscription code *amount # on your call keypad space. And then send.

  • Through ATM

Subscription of GOtv, DStv, and StarTimes uses the same method.

Just select Startimes, select your preferred package and deposit money.


Subscribing to satellite and digital TV services like GOtv, DStv, and Startimes has become increasingly convenient with various payment options and online platforms available. Whether you prefer a wide range of channels, sports, movies, or local content, these providers offer diverse packages to cater to your entertainment needs.

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Just select the package that suits you best, make your payment through the available methods, and enjoy a world of television entertainment at your fingertips.

Stay connected and entertained with the TV service of your choice!

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