Latest Glo cheat still Blazing Hot


It’s no news that data subscription in Nigeria is now somewhat affordable but it breaks my heart that not everyone can still afford it due to the current economic situation of the country, that’s why SundyLinks is here to provide you with unlimited possibilities to reaching your goals and breaking the barrier set by our network providers
Today i am here with a very rare cheat from a super stingy network known as Glo or the green network.

So let’s not waste too much time and get down to businessRequirements : Android phone, New sim card or old one, Psiphon or any vpn app
Firstly, go get a new sim card (Glo) if you don’t have and register it or use your old sim. After that, put it in your phone and on it,
Switch on your smartphone, pen your Psiphon Pro/Syphon shield/pronet or any other VPN you have and input the settings below;

Host : Real Host
Proxy server :
Default : Port 80
Untick Remove port
Then save

 Open more settings on your VPN
Don’t click on connect using http connection
*Dont tick anything in the more options menu*
Then save and connect your phone..

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