Think You’re Cut Out for Doing SEO? Take This Quiz


SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing website optimizing process that requires a long-term outlook and commitment. It takes a lot to develop strategies, techniques and tactics to obtain a high-ranking placement in the result pages of search engines. The higher a website ranks in organic results of a search, the greater is the chance that the site will be visited by a user. However, not everyone can be a SEO specialist, whether you work for a private company or connected to a personal venture. Do you think you’ve mastered SEO? Take this short quiz that will help you to see if you are the king of Search Engine Optimization. You have nothing to loose but everything to gain. So, get started now!

  1. What is the maximum length of titles that are typically displayed in Google’s search result?

A: 120 characters
B: 512 pixels
C: 50-80 Characters
D: Varies by browser resolution

  1. Google do not support which of the following types of site maps?

A: News
B: Product
C: Image
D: Video

  1. Pick the maximum number of URLs in an XML sitemap file that are allowed typically?

A: 50
B: 500
C: 5000
D: 50,000

  1. In case, your site is down for maintenance which HTTP status code serves you the best ?

A: 201
B: 302
C: 404
D: 503

  1. What is the role of meta description tags in Search Engine Optimization?

A: They’re serve as an important ranking factor in the search algorithms.
B: They help the search engines to determine which are the major keywords on your page.
C: They serve as the advertising copy that will tempt users to click on your listing.
D: Meta descriptions are NOT at all important.

  1. Do you think pages generated by search results (Search within Search) is a good way to add content to your site?

A: Yes
B: No

  1. Pick the correct default file type for your sitemap:

A: .pdf
B: .php
C: .doc
D: .xml

  1. Google has NOT mentioned which type of link as being risky for SEO?

A: (Paid)site-wide links
B: Blog networks
C: Text link advertisements with rel=”nofollow”
D: Automatically approved article directory sites
We know it must be a great fun to take this quiz and now you must be keen to see where you rank.

0 to 3 Correct Answers: Newbie- Its time to study hard to build your SEO skills.

4 to 6 Correct Answers: Intermediate- The way is still long for you to become a SEO expert.

7 to 8 Correct Answers: Guru- You’re just awesome! We bow down to your knowledge.

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