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Voice Memo AI Transcription Rumored to be in iOS 18

It is purported to be the first of Apple's upcoming AI technologies that will be included in the company's hardware and software.

It is said that Apple has been working on integrating artificial intelligence elements into its products, even though Samsung and Google have outperformed it in the AI software race. According to a recent report, iOS 18, the upcoming version of the iPhone software, would include AI transcription of voice recordings, something that its rivals currently offer with their Voice Memos app.

Voice Memo AI Transcription

According to individuals who spoke with AppleInsider, the AI transcription will offer a running transcript of Voice Memos along with a synopsis. It is said to function similarly to the Live Voicemail functionality that the company debuted with iOS 17 last fall. According to an April AppleInsider story, the Notes app, which will include audio recordings in iOS 18, will also use AI transcription and summarization. The Voice Memo apps for MacOS and iPadOS will also have this functionality.

If this is accurate, Apple would be implementing AI transcription of audio recordings in line with its rivals. Google’s Recorder app offers live auto-transcription for years, while Samsung’s Galaxy AI, which made its debut on the Galaxy S24 phones this year, can summarize notes and translate conversations.

The Voice Memos auto-translation is reportedly going to be the first AI function that Apple adds to its software this year, according to other sources from AppleInsider. Additional AI summarizing benefits are anticipated for the Messages app to summarize lengthy conversation chains and for Safari to summarize webpages.

Other Rumoured Features

There are rumors that some of these features—like Messages—will operate on-device AI instead of the cloud. Since using cloud-based AI needs personal information to leave the device, raising the potential that it could be intercepted or stolen from servers, this would align with Apple’s emphasis on user data protection.

It’s probable that Apple will make announcements about these and other AI features on June 10–11 WWDC 2024. Apple typically releases the first public betas of its future iOS version around its midyear software show, so we might see AI transcription in Voice Memos or other AI-based features after that.


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