5 Must-Have For Your Business Website

Having a business website is great but there are some elements that are “must-haves” for a successful business website. We highlight and explain in detail these awesome elements for your business website to run a successful gig. Kindly read along and learn in this educative post.

1. A Call to Action

Your website visitors are on your website for a reason. Your website is a marketing tool to get website users to request more information, purchase a product, download an app, or schedule a booking (or the 100s of other variations that allow you to profit in your business). You need to present a clear call to action, so your website visitors don’t leave your website and take their business to one of your competitors.

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2. Responsive Design

Depending on your business, more than half of your website visitors could be coming from either mobile or tablet devices. You need to provide a good user experience for those users. There are quite a few technical parts to understand in how to create a responsive design. The basic idea is that you are formatting your website depending on the user’s browser/system and how the user contracts or expands your website.

3. Clear Contact Information

Even today, there are many websites that make it challenging to easily contact the business. Some of the largest businesses in the world actually do make it challenging for a user to contact them as a way to reduce customer support costs. Unless your business has a monopoly, I would strongly suggest making some form of contact with your business easy. There are many different methods of contact such as email, web form, or live chat. So, there should be some way for a potential client or customer to contact your business 24/7.

4. A Secure Host and Website

You should make sure that your host is at a secure data center with some options for backups of your website. You should also keep a local backup of your website as well. One of the dangers of DIY website development or letting an amateur develop your website is that many security flaws can unintentionally be added to your website.

We at SundyLinks Media Networks have many years of web development and web security experience; if you have a currently operating website, we can test your website and fix any issues as a paid security consultant, (contact us today for more information). If you would like us to build a new website, be it a personal website, blog, e-commerce, forum, or portfolio, we can make sure your website is not vulnerable to potentially devastating attacks such as SQL injection attacks and many others.

5. Social Media Links

Social media is an excellent way to bring targeted users to your website. Through social media, one person liking your website could bring in hundreds or even thousands of new users if an item goes viral. Allowing your clients or customers to share the content of your website with their network through social media links is very important. Adding opportunities to like and share through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn can be a great way to rapidly grow your business.

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If you are looking to develop a top-notch website, contact us, and we can build you a website with all of these features or implement them into your existing website. Contact us using the form below;

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