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How To Download Facebook Videos

Facebook is an online social media platform that originated in America; Meta Platform owns it. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his classmates at Harvard College. This amazing social media platform is accessed through internet connectivity on phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

After creating the profile on Facebook, one can post, share, read images and chat with people individually and in groups. People can make other users friends on Facebook. This platform gives an advantage to users to meet new people online, explore things, explore places, have a pastime, and not get bored.

Facebook provides and attracts millions of users daily to come to this application software and connect with the outside world or, let’s say, socialize their lives. The privacy and policies of the customers are also taken into account. People require a safe platform where they can post stuff without the fear of getting trapped in any mishappenings.

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People want something which assures that their personal information, passwords, and photos do not leak to the outside world, and Facebook does the exact job for them. Facebook has high levels of security which is not easy to break even by the world’s biggest hackers.

Let’s see some facts about Facebook.

  • Facebook has more than a 900million plus users and is growing forward at a very constant and amazing rate, and it is expected to grow a lot more in the world in the upcoming years.
  • This platform is within reach of almost everybody. Every 7th person today is on Facebook, creating a highly populated platform by Meta. Everyone above 18 can use this social media platform, from young adults to older adults. Everyone is on Facebook to kill boredom, find looks, and explore newer and more beautiful things.
  • According to internet research, Facebook is the most searched thing. People search it continuously to pass their bore time.
  • Facebook is a huge platform with a very large number of buyers. It has a worth of more than 100 billion US dollars. This amount is quite high and can provide a great life to the owner, but you need to work equally hard for it. Mark Zuckerberg works a lot to get this small amount. Spending a lot of time is important to earn good money and provide it for their family.
  • There were many changes in Facebook, from its name to its appearance and features. Its owner and his mindset to grow and enlarge this platform didn’t change. He changed the trends of Facebook according to what people in the market wanted, providing people with what they felt attractive.

How to download Facebook videos

People love watching their preferred videos on the topics they search most about. But there is no option to download Facebook videos to protect people’s rights to their videos. People wished that if the downloading option also had been there, it would be easier and more convenient, and then there would be no need to screen record or use third-party apps to download those videos.

Facebook videos can be downloaded using the web Snapsave and an app called SnapX. The app can also be downloaded from Playstore as shown below;

[appbox googleplay com.downloader.snaptik.nologo.nowatermark]

Step 1: Copy Video’s Link

With PC/Mac & Phone (iOS, Android): tap  Share then Choose  Copy Link

Step 2: Paste the video’s link into SnapSave.App

  • Open a new browser tab, and go to
  • Paste the FB video’s link into the text box provided.

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how to download Facebook videos

Step 3: Download Facebook Video

  • Select the quality you want to download (from 144p to HD 720p, or full HD 1080p2K4K – Depends on the original quality of the videos on Facebook that you want to download)
  • Click Download (or Render → Download Video)

how to download Facebook videos

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