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Review of the Honor Earbuds X6 TWS Headphones

Excellent Sound for $35

We are looking for calm and relaxation more and more in our fast-paced world. As a result, headphones have become an essential part of our life. We can always grab earphones to fully immerse ourselves in our favorite music, whether we’re at home or out and about in loud streets. There are a ton of different function headphones available on the market for any price. We will study and assess the Honor Earbuds X6, a new device that comes with a reasonable price tag.

Honor is well-known for its selection of gadgets, which include wearables, computers, and smartphones. Its auditory specialty is too important to ignore. The company sells gadgets in a range of price points; our model is reasonably priced, starting at $30. But does inexpensive always equate to low quality?

Honor Earbuds X6 Specifications

  • Type: Earbuds
  • Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • Connection interface: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Working time: 9 hours (40 hours with charging case – according to the manufacturer)
  • Charging time: 10 minutes of charging – 3 hours of listening to music, full charge – approximately one hour
  • Sensors: 10 mm dynamic sensor
  • Controls: double-tap to answer/end a call, play/pause audio or skip to a new song, activate voice assistant; press and hold to reject incoming calls
  • Noise cancellation: ENC AI noise cancellation during calls
  • Protection certificate: IP54 (body)
  • Rechargeable battery: 510 mAh
  • Weight: body 33 g, each earbud weighs 3.8 g

Ergonomics and design

There is only a charging wire and the Honor Earbuds X6 in the box. There are two color options for the headphones: purple and white.

I’ll start with the charging cases outside. honor earbuds It is light, glossy, and has a square form with rounded corners. It feels good to the touch and is not slippery in the hand. Even if I haven’t dropped the case yet, it’s always a good idea to buy a cover because the white plastic will eventually have noticeable scratches.

The HONOR logo is a huge writing on the front of the case and a colorful indication that indicates the battery level is located underneath it. There is a charging port at the bottom.



Regarding the earbuds, I enjoy the look, even though it makes me think of the Apple AirPods. Every earbud is ideally sized for the ear and weighs less than 4 g.

Honor Earbuds X6
honor 1
honor 2
honor 3
ear 2

    Connection and control

    There are two methods to connect wireless earbuds: either by using the corresponding mobile application or by navigating via the Bluetooth settings. It was really simple for me to connect the Earbuds X6 to my phone using Bluetooth for the first time.

    To enable this feature, navigate to the Bluetooth settings, open the earbuds’ case lid, place your fingers on the touch-sensitive sections of both earbuds (a white indication will flash), and then wait for the system to locate the device. You choose the Honor Earbuds X6 from the list of available devices, and that’s all. Easy? Yes, without a doubt. I should also mention that when you open the case lid on an Honor smartphone, the earbuds need to be recognized by the device immediately.

    earbud on jean

    The second approach involves a little more work, but nothing is insurmountable—all we need to do is install the AI Space app, choose our model, and click “Add device.” In my situation, I had to mess around a little bit before the app “saw” my ears and everything started to operate. I had to initially connect via Bluetooth. It’s important to note that AI Space works with iOS and Android. You’ll be able to personalize the earbuds, therefore I suggest installing them.

    The Honor Earbuds X6 are quite easy to use:

    To answer or end a conversation, play or pause audio, skip to the next song, or activate voice assistant, double tap the touch area. Decline incoming calls by pressing and holding the touch area as well.

    The earbuds feature the latest Bluetooth 5.3, so there were no connection issues.


    Users of AI Space can personalize the gesture controls and sound effects. There are no additional features for long presses; you can disable this feature or leave it for call rejection or call end. You can choose the combination that works best for you, whether it be to switch tracks, start the next track, open the AI Voice app, or maintain the default play/pause music option. You can see that localization isn’t always precise.

    In the app, you can see the battery level of the case and each earbud. There’s also a useful feature: “find earbuds” – the earbuds start emitting an audible signal.

    Additionally, there is an equalizer option with four settings: warm, treble boost (vocal), bass boost, and classic.

    In conclusion, the software is simple to use and lacks sophisticated features, but the typical user will undoubtedly be happy with it.

    Duration of operation and battery

    The casing contains 510 mAh of battery life, while the earphones have 41 mAh apiece. Up to 40 hours of use with the charging case and up to 9 hours of use on a single charge are promised by the manufacturer. I verified these numbers throughout my experiments; the earbuds do, in fact, have a very lengthy lifespan. It’s also cool that a 10-minute charge is sufficient for three hours of music playback.

    Since numbers themselves are boring, I’ll just mention that I commuted to work for five days while wearing the earbuds and that I watched many episodes of my favorite show on the weekends, all while having roughly 30% of the power left.

    In conclusion

    The Honor Earbuds X6 are decent in-ear headphones that are reasonably priced and will last you a long time. They are lightweight, comfy to wear, and feature a simple style. Additionally, there is the AI Space app, which only marginally enhances high or low frequencies and does not greatly increase sound quality. All in all, the sound quality is passable—perhaps not the best—but it’s certainly adequate for the price.

    Where to buy Honor Earbuds X6

    The Honor Earbuds X6 can be purchased on AliExpress


    Review of the Honor Earbuds X6 TWS Headphones


    The Honor Earbuds X6 are good, affordable in-ear headphones. They have a minimalist design, are lightweight, and comfortable, connecting via the app. The sound is decent overall, maybe not the best, but at this price, it's acceptable.

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