ENERGOUS! Wirelessly Charge Your Devices At a Distance of 3 Feet


If Apple has adopted wireless charging on its iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, then you know that the popularity of wireless charging is at its peak. It definitely is not faster than conventional charging because of newer and more efficient technologies being introduced that are featured under fast charging, but it is the convenience that holds the true key here.

For wireless charging to start on your phone or other devices, it needs to be placed on a wireless charging pad for the induction process to start. In the future, things might be little different thanks to the efforts of Energous. The FCC has approved a new type of wireless charging system for the first time. If this reaches out to the masses, then it could allow your devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and wearables to charge at a distance of 3 feet.

A company called Energous, the developer of the WattUp wireless charging at-a-distance technology, has received FCC approval for its transmitter. The latter is used to send focused RF-based power to devices as far as 3 feet away. According to Energous, the company claims that its product is the only one that can deliver both contact and noncontact wireless charging.

It is also capable of charging multiple devices at the same time and will keep on working with each device within range until the battery powering a particular unit has reached 100 percent. In the future, device owners will easily be able to walk into a room with the WattUp technology setup and have their devices charged automatically without having to remove a phone from their pocket, or their smartphone from their wrist.

Energous will be displaying the WattUP gadget next month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, so we will get to know more about the release date and hopefully the price tag that comes with this.


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