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Google Pixel Officially Obtainable in Poland and Czech Republic

In Poland and the Czech Republic, the Android smartphone lineup was quietly launched at the same time as the most recent Google Pixel 8a release.

The absence of worldwide availability has been one of the main complaints directed towards Google in the last few years. The Mountain View company has been progressively entering new markets each year, with Europe being a major contributor to the growth of the Pixel brand.

Poland and the Czech Republic are the most recent countries to have formal access to the Google Pixel series. The Pixel 8a, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro are now all available for purchase in the European country through the Google Store’s official storefronts in Poland and Czechia. Likewise, in previous years, fans would have to import Pixel devices, which would have prevented them from receiving direct support services in the event that hardware faults or other concerns arose.

The price is listed below:

Poland and the Czech Republic are now officially listed as countries where the newest hardware can be bought on Google’s Pixel support website. There aren’t many things at the local Google Store. Along with a few other accessories like the Google 30W charge brick, USB-C to USB-C cables, official smartphone cases, and a limited assortment of third-party accessories like screen protectors and cases, you can purchase the Pixel 8a, 8, 8 Pro, and Pixel Buds A-series. Regretfully, some areas aren’t equipped to handle the Pixel Tablet or other smart home devices.

Since the release of the Pixel 8, when Portugal and Austria became the first countries to offer Pixel phones through the Google Store in their respective markets, this is the first time that the Pixel portfolio has expanded. The Google Pixel is now available for purchase in 23 countries after Poland was added to the list of authorized locations. This represents a significant rise ever since the Pixel 7 series was introduced, which was only accessible in 17.


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