List of Stable and Active IP Address For New Airtel N0.00kb Browsing Tweak


Few hours back, I made a post on how to browse unlimitedly for free with Airtel sim. I can see that some fans are not yet enjoying the tweak, due to the fact that the tweak is taking time to connect and some are complaining about often disconnection which is mostly caused by rusty 3G network in select areas.

Remember that I told you not to have airtime on your Airtel sim, you must not be on any active data plan, also, clear your Psiphon or any other VPN data and cache. 

Have airtime in your airtel SIM or active data plan is another major cause of often disconnection. At times, stuffed-up IP address  (when lots of people are using one IP at the same time) can also be the cause of the issue.

Note: The Airtel unlimited free browsing tweak is still blazing very well as at the time of publishing this post. Make sure you set your network mode to 3G or 4G LTE and if it still disconnects, kindly try another VPN with it.

For those that are still complaining, change your Host Address and Port to any of the IP’s with its Port below, to connect and surf with N0.0 via any of the specified VPN and Airtel sim.

Magic (IP) PORT 8083 80 800 3128 8080 80 3128 8080 80 80 80 8083 1083 8080

Every other settings still remains the same.
For full information on this Airtel N0.00kb Browsing Tweak, kindly check out this my previous post if you missed it here.


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