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Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra’s Camera Upgrades Leak

Although there have been several leaks concerning the Galaxy S25 lineup online, Samsung is still likely to release the Galaxy S25 series next year. For the first time since the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S25 Ultra is reportedly getting a 16GB RAM option.

According to earlier rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra would keep the same 5,000mAh battery and 45W fast charging capability as the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is rumored that Samsung intends to cap the price of its upcoming flagship phones, which is why it is sticking with the same battery requirements as the model that came before it.

Details about the purported Galaxy S25 Ultra camera sensor have now surfaced thanks to a new leak from X user Sperandio4Tech. It reveals that three improved camera sensors would be included in the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra. Notably, there are rumors that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will have significant camera upgrades. It is said that two of the phone’s four cameras will get an upgrade.

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Leaks have previously revealed that the 200MP camera on the Galaxy S25 Ultra will use a new sensor, most likely the ISOCELL HP2. According to a recent rumor, the Galaxy S25 Ultra might include an upgraded version of the 1/2.76″ JN1 sensor, which would increase the camera resolution to 50MP while being somewhat smaller than the sensor in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

It is rumored that Samsung will equip the Galaxy S25 Ultra with a new 1/3″ ISOCELL sensor for the 3x telephoto camera. In addition to being bigger than the one on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, this would have a 50MP resolution.

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Additionally, the tipster claims that Samsung is developing new algorithms that should enhance the high-end phone’s image and video quality. The source claims that since it is too early, there are no more specifics available regarding the algorithms.


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