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List of Most Useful Twitter Bots

The most useful Twitter utility bots that work within the Twitter ecosystem.

Twitter bots are a type of bot software that controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API. We discuss the most useful Twitter bots in this post. The social bot software may autonomously perform actions such as tweeting, re-tweeting, liking, following, unfollowing, or direct messaging other accounts.

Set reminders with @RemindMe_OfThis

An open-source Twitter bot that lets you easily set reminders for public tweets. Mention @RemindMe_OfThis in the reply of any tweet and specify the time in natural English when you would like to be reminded of that tweet.

You could say things like in 2 days or in 12 hours or next week or even in 5 years. Check out the source on Github.

Save Twitter Threads with @ThreadReaderApp

The gurus on Twitter have figured out that threads are the best way to extend the reach of their tweets and @ThreadReaderApp makes it really easy for you to read and save these threads.

To get started, reply to any tweet of a thread and mention @threadreaderapp with the “unroll” keyword. and they create a single page with all the tweets arranged in chronological order. Blog posts anyone?

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Capture Screenshots with @pikaso_me

Reply to a tweet with the word “screenshot this” and mention @pikaso_me in the reply. You’ll receive a reply tweet with a screenshot image of the original tweet.

The Twitter bot captures images in tweets but you can also use Screenshot Guru for that.

Download Videos with @DownloaderBot

You can easily download any video or GIF image from tweets with the help of this Twitter bot.

Mention @DownloaderBot in a reply to any tweet that contains either a video or a gif image, and you will receive a reply with the direct link to download the media.

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Twitter, like YouTube, may have a love-hate relationship with bots that allow downloading videos off their platform so it is always a good idea to bookmark some alternatives. There’s @GetVideoBot@SendVidBot, and @Get_This_V. These are some of the most useful Twitter bots we can bring you at this time. Visit regularly for more updates to this page and the whole website generally.

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