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How to Prevent Users from Changing Proxy Settings

When the proxy server forwards your web requests, it can make changes to the data you send and still get you the information that you expect to see. Changing proxy settings can change your IP address, so the web server doesn’t know exactly where you are in the world.

Important: Since we will be modifying the Local Group Policy editor, creating a system restore point is recommended. You can restore your PC to a previous point if anything goes wrong during the process.

1: First of all, press the Windows Key + R button on your keyboard. This will open the RUN dialog box. Enter gpedit.msc and hit the Enter button on the Run Dialog box.

2: This will open the Local Group Policy Editor on your Windows 11 PC.

3: You need to navigate to the path we have shared below: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer

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4: On the right pane, find and double click on the ‘Prevent Changing Proxy Settings

5: Next, on the Prevent changing proxy settings Window, select Enabled and click on the Apply button.

6: After making the changes, restart your Windows 11 PC.

7: If you ever wish to change the proxy settings again, select ‘Not Configured’ in Step 5.

That’s it! This is how you can prevent other users from changing your Proxy Settings on Windows 11. If you want to protect your privacy online, you need to start using VPN apps for Windows 11.

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